Do you take comissions?

Comissions are closed until ealy 2025! Please email me to shop@aronjaart.com to be added to my list.

What are the prices for comissions?

The price of a commissioned painting depends on size and effort
(amount of details and time I need for it). To make a concrete price
suggestion I need a detailed description of your wishes, maybe
reference pictures, etc. Also let me know what size you would like to

Here’s an approximate schedule for orientation:

  • 20 x 30 cm / 8x12" – starting at 300 €
  • 30 x 40 cm / 12x16" – starting at 500 €
  • 40 x 60 cm / 16x24" – starting at 800 €
  • 50 x 70 cm / 20x28” – starting at 1300 €
  • 60 x 80 cm / 24x32" – starting at 1800 €
  • 70 x 100 cm / 28x40" – starting at 2000 €
  • 120 x 80 cm / 32x47” – starting at 2600 €

What kind of comissions do you accept?

I specialize in landscapes, fantasy, space and animals / pet portraits (examples below).

I do not paint human portraits!

Contact me below and let's discuss about the details to bring your concept to life!

Do you ship worldwide?

Thanks to a print on demand service, orders are fulfilled at the closest production center. Sometimes due to reasons such as stock
availability, orders may be shipped internationally even if a
fulfillment center exists within the same country. See my Shipping Policy.

What's a fine art paper?

The "fine art papers" I use for my prints are Museum-Quality Matte Paper
Posters. It is a premium quality heavyweight (~250 gsm / 110 lb) paper
with a matte, smooth and clean finish.

How are canvas prints made?

Canvases are printed on canvas material using a 12-colour Giclée printing process. This material is then stretched over a handmade wooden canvas frame.

The canvas corners are
folded tightly over each edge and then the material is fixed with staples to the canvas stretcher bar frame. Tape is then used to cover all staples,
ensuring a smooth, neat finish.

The image is mirror wrapped
- which means the edges of the image are reflected onto the sides of the canvas which means the whole image will appear on the front of the

How long does it take until my order is shipped?

After having ordered, you will automatically receive a confirmation email.
Depending on what you ordered I will need some days to pack it, ship it
- or if it's a print I will pass it on to my production partner. Please
be patient and keep in mind that I am doing everything on my own and
don't have employees.

Once your order is shipped you will receive a mail with shipping information, so you can track your order :)

The vast majority of my products are produced within 24-48 hours. However, more complex products such as framed canvases can occasionally take up to 7 days to make.

Estimated production time:


  • Fine Art Prints: 24-72 hours
  • Canvas Prints: 48-72 hours


  • Fine Art Prints: 24-72 hours
  • Canvas Prints: 48-72 hours


  • Fine Art Prints: 24-72 hours
  • Canvas Prints: 72-120 hours


  • Fine Art Prints: 48-72 hours
  • Canvas Prints: 72-120 hours

What if my order has not arrived?

In the case that an order is not received within 30 days of ordering, I will be more than happy to send a replacement. Just let me know at shop@aronjaart.com and I’ll make the arrangements on your behalf.